Reasons Why Choosing the Best Web Hosting Provider Is Critical To the Success of Your Domain Name Registration Efforts

Reasons Why Choosing the Best Web Hosting Provider Is Critical To the Success of Your Domain Name Registration Efforts

October 12, 2017 Articles 0
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Most brick-and-motor business owners set up an online presence to tap into and engage a plethora of potential customers found online. Websites and blogs make this pursuit possible. It’s common to see website owners giving priority to content over web hosting. Such businesses end up crumbling down in record time because of bad customer experiences such as slow loading pages, inability to find the website when they visit again and difficulties in navigating through the website. In this post, we’re going to talk about the consequences of making the wrong web hosting choice:

A hammer-blow to your search engine rankings if you buy a domain name and hosting from a wrong company

Your aim of starting a business website is to attract a ton of traffic to your website and convert them. This can only become a reality if your site ranks high on search engines. This means choosing the best web hosting provider. A bad web host choice means your site will be down repeatedly when search engine spiders and crawlers try to access your website to rank it. The result: Low website ranking.

Your website will be susceptible to security breaches and malware attacks if you buy a domain name and host it on a mediocre platform

As of this writing, no web hosting company has found the perfect technique to keep websites 100% secure. However, the most established web hosting providers have remote backup servers that enable you to have a backup in case you lose your data through your own fault or hacking activities. These web hosting providers will also help you with around the clock support in the process of retrieving your data, and maintenance and fortification procedures.

A wrong web hosting choice can lead to massive loss of revenue for your domain registration website

If your business website experiences a series of long downtimes, your existing and potential customers will not be able to access it. This means they won’t be able to view your excellent blog posts and products and services on offer. This is not good for business. It gets worse if you operate an eCommerce website where the sole aim is selling products and services online. You will lose a lot of sales, and this will impact your bottom-line. A typical example is when Amazon recently experienced a 40-minute downtime. The Giant eCommerce platform reported a loss of $5 million dollars in sales as a result of the downtime. Your website might not be as big as Amazon, but you’ll still lose sales if your website goes down.

These consequences underscore the importance of choosing the best web hosting provider for your website. You want your website to run seamlessly, to be completely secure and to nail down sales continuously.

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