How to Select a Good Website Hosting Company to Buy a Domain Name and Host Your Website

How to Select a Good Website Hosting Company to Buy a Domain Name and Host Your Website

October 11, 2017 Articles 0
Select a Good Website Hosting

You can spend quality time purchase a domain name that suits your business, hire a web designer to create an eye-catching website for you, but a wrong choice of web hosting provider can wear down all your achievements and water down the value of your site. A mediocre web hosting provider can negatively impact your search rankings, wasting your precious time, money and effort and ultimately impacting your web authority. So prior to choosing a web hosting provider for your website, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • Speed is paramount when you want to buy a domain name and host your website

There is no point to invest a lot of time and money to perform domain name registration, buy a domain name and create a scintillating internet site, only to annoy Google and potential customers with a super slow website. Site loading time is one of the factors Google uses to rank sites. A slow loading website will never make it on top of Google search rankings. Also, customers hate slow loading pages. They will simply transit when they experience such. So choosing a web hosting provider that offers remarkable speed for your website is paramount.

  • Air tight security is key when looking to buy a domain name and host your site

Security of your website is one of the most important things when choosing a web hosting provider, especially if you intend to harness and store your customer information. You can lose your content entirely if the web hosting provider lacks a backup plan. Hackers who prey on customer information can ruin your business reputation if they get access to such information. Choose a web hosting provider that offers air tight security through features such as daily backups, SSLs, and SiteLock.

  • Impeccable uptime for your domain registration website is critical

If your website is not available online, customers cannot find it. This means you’ll not be able to make any sale. It’s pretty hard to find a hosting provider that guarantees 100% uptime. Glitches are natural, and this may cause your site to go down. However, a great hosting company must be able to fix that problem fast to bring your website back on. So when choosing a hosting provider, ensure you choose one with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

  • Support is crucial when looking to buy a domain name and host your website

Customer support is a critical feature of any web hosting provider. Customer support is where you turn to when your website experiences any glitch. Glitches must be fixed as quickly as possible as you could lose sales if your site is down. And the hosting provider should not have a customer support feature just for formality. Choose a hosting provider that offers real-time customer support to enable your glitches to be addressed quickly.

Choosing a web hosting provider is not easy. You may choose one that promises all the above functionalities, only to end up giving you a run around with poor results. A rigorous research will suffice when looking for a great web hosting provider. Also, if your budget is small, you can choose web hosting providers that allow you to register domain name fee in their portal.


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